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dezembro 06, 2017

One year ago, Yifarn from the Japanese Sewing Books blog hosted a great giveaway to celebrate her blog's 5th birthday. And, Whoohoo! [Blur's song 2 playing in my head], I won it!!!!!!

Yifarn sent me a beautiful nani IRO double gauze and pattern (the French Sleeve one piece, for kids). Perfect for Olívia :) However, I loved this nani IRO so much, that I ended up using it for some selfish sewing eheheh!!
[on a side note: Portuguese customs, I hate you so much!]

In a previous post, I showed you a dress from the Stylish Dress Book - Wear With Freedom, by Yoshiko Tsukiori. There are several patterns in this book I want to make. I chose the smock blouse with Garibaldi sleeves (pattern B) and I'm so happy with this choice for my beautiful nani IRO. Those sleeves are ♥

pattern: blouse B from the book Stylish Dress Book - Wear With Freedom, by Yoshiko Tsukiori
size: 8 (although I did not gather what the pattern asks for, in the front piece)
fabric: nani IRO Fuccra : rakuen by Naomi Ito for Kokka (double gauze)

Although this blouse is quite an easy pattern to make, you have to pay attention to the notes written in the pattern sheets! And I didn't :( :(

I traced the pattern, added seam allowance, cut the fabric and... noticed something was wrong when I was trying to gather the lower part of the sleeve to match notches in the upper sleeve, but there was nothing to gather... I checked again the instructions in the book, couldn't understand what was wrong... I checked the pattern sheets, just to be sure I traced the correct pattern piece and size, and then I saw it... I was suppose to add in 10 cm to the width of the piece... ARGH.... my beloved nani IRO!!! How could I mess up? As there was not enough fabric left, I ordered half meter more... And I'm glad I did it!

There was a second mistake when cutting the fabric... I don't know how I did it (or I know but it is just too stupid to write it... especially when you are cutting a nani IRO....), I cut the back piece some cm shorter than the pattern... I decided to keep the fabric selvedge visible in the back, without doing any bottom hem (you will notice I cut all the pieces perpendicular to the grain. This was not a mistake eheheh). Luckily it is not too short and I actually like the blouse with this length.

The third mistake with this garment was to choose a size 8. After my experience with the dress E (see the previous post - written in Portuguese, sorry!!), this was just silly... A size 8 is too tight in my shoulders!... To fix this issue, in the front piece, I gathered the fabric to 16 or 18 cm (can't remember) rather than 14 cm between notches, as the pattern asks for. It was not the perfect solution, but I am happy with my blouse... [I know, I know, I should have made a muslin]

The only negative thing I can say about this blouse is that it takes a lot of fabric. Before I actually start sewing clothes for me, I spend some time collecting fabric. My stash is full of one-meter fabric pieces (and one or two skeins of different yarns... But that's another story!), but none of them can accommodate a second blouse! I guess I have to buy more fabric ;)

Last but not the least: I miss Sew Japan with Mie blog series. I am so into Japanese sewing these days!
Happy (Japanese) sewing ✂ !

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  1. Measure twice, cut once. Yeah, I also get so excited to get on with sewing that I often ignore that advice! Beautiful blouse. I also love Japanese sewing books and patterns, but I find the patterns have SO MUCH ease that I always, always have to do a muslin or I end up making a beautiful garment that is too big for me. Also, I don’t blame you for using the fabric for yourself! I’d have done the same!