feito com muito amor pela mamã #09 [Sew Japan with Mie: from Japan with love]

novembro 27, 2016


My good friend misslux spent two weeks in Japan and brought me amazing fabrics (and needles)! How nice is to receive such packages, from Japan with love! The beautiful double gauze from nani IRO, in blue with metallic dots, was the perfect fabric for a pattern I had in my sewing list from one of the books from enanna.

I know we are in the middle of fall, but I couldn't resist to sew this blouse for Olívia! One more reason for doing it now: the specific pattern I wanted to sew goes until size 90 cm and I am not sure how it will fit O. next summer... So, here am I, sewing thin and fresh summer clothes for my girl, when the winter is approaching :) Anyway, how can I regret it?

pattern: blouse D from the book 80~90センチサイズのかわいいお洋服 from enanna
size: 90
fabric: nani IRO Pocho basic by Naomi Ito for Kokka

As I wanted to use the selvage of the fabric as a bottom hem, I cut the pattern pieces with the grainline perpendicular to the selvage of the fabric. I am very happy with the result. I just whish I had cut the yoke a bit "upward" in the fabric so that I would end up with a larger distance between the dots of the yoke and the dots of the gathered bottom.

I had a bit of trouble to sew narrow hems in the ruffles... They are far from perfect... Later I found a tutorial which I will try next time! For now, I folded and pressed the seam allowance (1 cm), and then folded it again, pinning it in place. At this stage everything looked ok as you see in the picture, so the problem was not my method for preparing the hem, but the sewing itself... (so much to learn!!!)

It is already cold in Aveiro, but I managed to take some pictures of Olívia wearing her new blouse.

No need to say right after those pictures, she had to dress her winter coat eheheh. Japanese blouse, we will wait for the spring to use you again ;)

Do not forget to check here the latest post of the Sew Japan with Mie series, hosted by Petit a Petit and Family. I had so many plans to #sewjapan during this year and this is only my second entry... (yep, that's my sewing list running out of control!) Some months ago I started something for myself but I'm not sure if I will manage to finish it while the series is running... [it's a blouse and it looks good! But I run out of fabric :( I have already a plan, but... no will to finish it for now!]

 Happy (japanese) sewing ✂

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